BADMINTON : (Rules & Regulations)

1. The duration of each set should be 2 games or 40 minutes which ever is earlier. However, if there is no other players waiting for a game the set can continue.

2. Beginners & Dependents can play upto 7pm, if there are no other players waiting for a game. A member has preference on the court over dependent after 7PM. Singles games cannot be played when members are waiting for a game after this time.

3. Members are requested to adhere strictly to the rules regarding outfits, shoes & equipment during usage of court. The dress code will be shorts or track pants, T-shirts with sleeves, Socks and badminton shoes.

4. Members are requested to sign the daily usage chits or the monthly shuttle usage account register after every session to avoid any confusion or disputes regarding shuttle usage.

5. Members are strictly requested to keep their cellular phones in “SILENT” mode once they enter the court. Ringing of cellular phones while a game is in progress causes serious disturbances on the court.

6. Members are requested to take care of their belongings in the Court. The Club is in no way responsible for any loss of member’s belongings. No eatables will be served in the court. Members are requested not to carry any drinks or eatables to the playing area.

7. Members are not permitted to change in to their sports wear on the court premises. However change of T-Shirt alone, in between or at the end of the game is permitted.

8. Members may seek the help of the member-in-charge captain or sub-committee if there are any clarifications regarding the above & their decision should be abided upon.

GM LANDLINE: 28548546 / 97109 33355

Sports In-Charge: Mr.Thirukumaran: 97109 33360


Week Days:
6.00 AM To 9.00 AM
4.00 PM To 9.00 PM
Weekends & Holidays:
6.00 AM To 10.00 AM
4.00 PM To   9.00 PM

  Marker Charge
  र 10 per game

Member In-Charge :
Mr. Niranjan Mudaliar