Rules and Regulations
To Protect Our Court :
  • Only flat soled tennis shoes allowed.
  • No play allowed when the net are folded up.
To Optimally Allocate Court Time :
  • If player are waiting, please limit their wait time to 30 minitues.
  • Members have priority over guest and dependents.
A Suggestion :
  • Stretching with the bars and bench provide is recommended before and after your game.

Tennis Member Guest
  • Rs. 100/- per day (session).
  • This is proposed additional to the Club Guest Charges that may be applicable.
  • Members can either opt to subscribe on a daily basis or monthly basis. This option has to be endorsed in the register kept at each facility.
  • In case members want to discontinue any facility from the monthly option they are requested to please inform the Office either in writing, e-mail or fax. In case the Office is not informed the monthly billing for the facilities opted on a monthly basis will continue to be charged.

The Total Charges for Doubles will be split across playing members
GM LANDLINE: 28548546 / 97109 33355

Sports In-Charge: Mr. Kumaran 97109 33360


Week Days:
6.00 AM To 9.00 AM
3.30 PM To 9.00 PM
Weekends & Holidays:
6.00 AM To 9.00 AM
3.30 PM To 9.00 PM

Marker Charge
(Day / Light / BOX)

Singles र 25.00
Doubles र 20.00

Member In-Charge :
Mr.R V R K Ranga Rao