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Badminton is the one sport that has gained immensely in popularity in the recent decades in India and internationally. At Madras Cricket Club (MCC) too, this is reflected in its popularity with Members, who have taken to the game with great enthusiasm over the years. The International Class courts at the Club are always buzzing with players, engaged in a friendly but competitive game, to come out on top. Morning & Evening sessions see the young and old, men & ladies, beginners, intermediates & champions sweating it out, and enjoying a good workout.

MCC has an excellent infrastructure for Badminton, like in other sports, including two excellently maintained courts of high standard, backed by the best in lighting, making playing on the Club courts an enjoyable experience. The Club organises regular Badminton events for Members including Lightning tournaments, and an IPL style Badminton League, fostering fellowship and camaraderie, and keeping Member interest high at all times. It is no surprise therefore that badminton attracts arguably the most new members at MCC, and the highest Member participation among its sports disciplines.

MCC has also been an organiser of Inter Club tournaments and bilateral ties, to promote the game especially in its home city Chennai. The MCC - Prakash Padukone Sports Management tournament for Chennai city Clubs is one such that brought out the competitive spirit in badminton players in the city.