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Swimming is a popular sport and a relaxation activity for MCC Members, looking to chill out after a tiring workout in their favourite sport. It is also a fitness routine for young adults, and for the children, it is simply fun time!

MCC has an international class Swimming Pool maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. A Children's pool alongside the main pool, allows young children to have a good time in the water, under the watchful eyes of their parent.

For many months during the year, especially during school holidays in summer, Coaching camps are available for children and adults to learn swimming from trained & certified coaches.

The pool is also used for group activities like Water Polo competitions, and interesting programs like Aqua Zumba, which finds many Club Members participating and enjoying the invigorating workouts.

In Chennai, which has warm weather through most of the year, Swimming is open to Members & Club Guests almost for the entire year, for their own fitness regimen and for general enjoyment.